In our group we investigate phenomena emerging in novel solid state materials with dimensions in the nanometer range. Such materials are generated by colloidal synthesis, chemical vapor deposition, and electron-beam lithography. We characterize them by means of optoelectronic transport measurements, spectroscopical methods, and electron microscopy. Of special interest are the electrical properties of colloidal nanomaterials, carbon nanotubes, and composites.

The head of the group, Christian Klinke, is also faculty member at the Chemistry Department of the Swansea University


September 2019 NANAX 9 (Hamburg, Germany)
November 2019 nanoGe Fall Meeting 2019: Two Dimensional Layered Semiconductors (Berlin, Germany)
October 2020 nanoGe Fall Meeting 2020: Solution-based Two-dimensional Nanomaterials Sol2D (Barcelona, Spain)