First virtual conference on solution-based optoelectronic nanomaterials

Thursday April 30, 2020, 3 pm to 7 pm CEST (Central European Summer Time)

Organized by Christian Klinke

Solution synthesized and processable nanostructures become increasingly important. The materials are intriguing from a fundamental point of view with many potential insights in terms of chemical synthesis and physical characterization, but also real-world applications appear at the horizon. Their extraordinary electronic, phononic, optical and mechanical properties make them promising materials for a myriad of applications (spintronic devices, field-effect transistors, nanoscale sensors, batteries, inexpensive photodetectors, LEDs, and lasers). This virtual conference is a new approach to bring together the multidisciplinary scientific community working on the synthesis, the physics and applications in devices. Keynote speakers are Prof. Horst Weller from the University of Hamburg and Prof. David Norris from the ETH Zurich.


3:00 pm   Introduction

3:05 pm   Keynote (30 min): Prof. Horst Weller (University of Hamburg and Fraunhofer Center for Applied Nanotechnology)
                 Tailor-made synthesis and surface modifications of nanocrystals for applications in materials and life sciences

3:35 pm   Contributed talk (20 min): Prof. Iwan Moreels (Ghent University)
                 Multiphoton Fluorescence Upconversion with Heterostructured 2D Colloidal Nanocrystals

4:00 pm   Contributed talk (20 min): Dr. Marcus Scheele (University of Tübingen)
                 Structural order matters: Enhanced electronic coupling in self-assembled micro-crystals of Au-nanoclusters

4:25 pm   Break (5 min)

4:30 pm   Keynote (30 min): Prof. David Norris (ETH Zurich)
                 Monodisperse Semiconductor Nanocrystals: Is It Possible?

5:00 pm   Contributed talk (20 min): Dr. Andreas Riedinger (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research Mainz)
                 Kinetic Control over Self-Assembly of Semiconductor Nanoplatelets

5:25 pm   Contributed talk (20 min): Dr. Clara García-Astrain (CICBiomagune San Sebastian)
                 3D Printed plasmonic scaffolds for SERS sensing

5:50 pm   Contributed talk (20 min): Prof. Tobias Hanrath (Cornell University Ithaca)
                 Quantum Dot Solids: From Fundamental Insights into Assembly and Attachment Mechanism
                 Towards Fabrication of Complex Hierarchical Superstructures and Enabled Applications

6:00 pm   Break (15 min)

6:30 pm   Flash talks (2 min, 1 slide):

                  Klaus Boldt (University of Konstanz)
                  Quantification of Material Gradients in Core/Shell Nanocrystals

                  Chris Rehhagen (University of Rostock)
                  Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Organic Nanoparticles
                  Mathias Charconnet (CIC biomaGUNE)
                  Fabrication and optical characterization of gold nanoparticle superlattices
                  Sonja Krohn (Fraunhofer IAP-CAN)
                  Highly reproducible CdSe/CdS giant-shelled nanocrystal synthesis with tunable particle geometry

                  Prachi Rastogi (Sorbonne Université)
                  Towards Infrared detection in perovskite nanocrystals film via PbS nanocrystals doping
                  Guillaume Gouget (University of Pennsylvania)
                  Rare-earth oxychlorides from colloidal synthesis: a pathway to isotropic nanocrystals with efficient photoluminescence
                  Dmitry Baranov (Italian Institute of Technology)
                  Developing CsPb(I1-xBrx)3 perovskite nanocrystal superlattices: structural coherence, tunable emission, and photo(in)stability
                  Cristina De La Encarnacion Bermudez (CIC biomaGUNE)
                  Magneto-plasmonic nanoparticles for multimodal bioimaging

                  Burak Guzelturk (Argonne National Laboratory)
                  Efficient optical gain in colloidal nanocrystals 

                  Ahmad Kirmani (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, NREL)
                  Colloidal quantum dot photovoltaics on the road to scalable fabrication     

                  Jaco Geuchies (Delft University of Technology)
                  Quantitative electrochemical control over optical gain in quantum-dot solids

7:00 pm   Concluding remarks


Conference date:   April 30, 2020

Time:   3:00 pm CEST (convert CEST to your time zone via this LINK)

Duration:   approx. 4 hours

Language:   English

Before you attend, please make sure you have the Zoom application installed on your computer, a good internet connection and working audio.
If you have any question, feel free to write to  2020nanoplusgmailcom.

Conference support and technical support are provided by Graphentis.