Head of group

Prof. Dr. Christian Klinke

Institute of Physics
University of Rostock
Albert-Einstein-Straße 23
18059 Rostock

Room: 180
Phone: +49 381 498 6860



Christian Klinke studied physics at the University of Würzburg and the University of Karlsruhe (Germany) where he also obtained his diploma degree in the group of Thomas Schimmel. In March 2000, he joined the group of Klaus Kern at the Institute of Experimental Physics of the EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland). Then from 2003 on, he worked as Post-Doc at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center (Yorktown Heights, USA) in the group of Phaedon Avouris. In 2006, he became member of the Horst Weller group at the University of Hamburg (Germany) and in 2007, he started as assistant professor at the University of Hamburg. In 2009, he received the German Nanotech Prize (Nanowissenschaftspreis, AGeNT-D/BMBF). His research was supported by an ERC Starting Grant and a Heisenberg fellowship of the German Funding Agency DFG. In 2017, he became an associate professor and is now honorary professor at the Chemistry Department of the Swansea University. Since 2019, he is full professor (W3) at the Institute of Physics of the University of Rostock. He is also member of the Interdisciplinary Department "Life, Light & Matter" and Associate Editor for the RSC journals "Nanoscale" and "Nanoscale Advances". Recently, he was selected as Henriette Herz Scout of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. His research concerns the colloidal synthesis of nanomaterials and the optoelectronic characterization of these materials.

You can reach all member by following this scheme: firstname.lastname@uni-rostock.de


Ulrike Schröder
Room: 179
Phone: +49 381 498 6861


Research Associate

Dr. Rostyslav Lesyuk
Room: 177
Phone: +49 381 498 6865


Dr. Eugen Klein
Room: 176
Phone: +49 381 498 6866

Dr. Brindhu Malani Satya Seelan
(Henriette-Herz Humboldt fellow)
Room: 181
Phone: +49 381 498 6867

Dr. Fa-Gui He
(DFG fellow)
Room: 177
Phone: +49 381 498 6865

Dr. Riya Dutta
(Henriette-Herz Humboldt fellow)
Room: 181
Phone: +49 381 498 6867


PhD students

Urvi Parekh
Room: 181
Phone: +49 381 498 6867

Ronja Piehler
Room: 176
Phone: +49 381 498 6866


Technical assistant

Katja Schulz
Room: 175
Phone: +49 381 498 6864


Scientific coordinator electron microscopy

Dr. Kevin Oldenburg
Interdisciplinary Department "Life, Light & Matter"
Albert-Einstein Str. 25, 18059 Rostock
Room: 223
Phone: +49 381 498 8977


Former members

Sushant Ghimire (Humboldt Post-Doc fellow)
Liwei Dai (PhD student)
Bärbel Przybill (Technical assistant)
Sascha Kull (PhD student)
Fu Li (PhD student)
Frauke Gerdes (PhD student)
Michael Galchenko (PhD student)
Leonard Heymann (PhD student)
Andrés Black (Post-Doc)
Irina Nefedova (Post-Doc)
Mehdi Ramin (PhD student)
Thomas Bielewicz (PhD student)
Mirjam Volkmann (PhD student)
Christian Saggau (PhD student)
Vera Lebedeva (PhD student)
Gabriele Selvaggio (Master student)
Hauke Lehmann (Post-Doc)
Angelique Rieckmann (Master student)
Svenja Willing (Master student)
Sedat Dogan (PhD student)
Sandra Möller (Master student)
Michaela Meyns (PhD student)
Annette Wurl (PhD student)
Yuxue Cai (PhD student)
Alina Chanaewa (PhD student)
Marie Pelletier (PhD student)
Timm Reumann (Master student)
Jan Michels (Master student)
Thea Reumann (Master student)
Denis Greshnykh (PhD student)